Best Plugins for WordPress Blog

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Hey guys, welcome to the latest article. In this article, we will discuss the most important plugins you have to install in your WordPress blog.

If you have created your website by using WordPress CMS. Then WordPress provides you too many useful plugins to grow your website also so it helps you you to rank your article.

List of Best WordPress Plugins

In the WordPress free plugins section, you will get thousands of plugins that provide you different features.

But some of them are very useful. so here we have sure the list of must-use plugins.

1) Contact Forum 7

It is a very useful WordPress plugin for every website owner. If we run Google AdSense ads in our blog then it is very important to make a contact us page and this plugin helps us to make contact us page in just a few seconds.

2) Yoast Seo

Yoast SEO helps us to improve our website on-page SEO. you are a beginner

If you are a beginner then this plugin is best for you. When you start writing an article this tool indicates the SEO mistake.

so it is very helpful for everyone. Also so it helps us to create website sitemap off our Blog and verify webmaster tool

3) AMP

As you know website speed is a very important factor to rank your articles in Google. so you have to increase your website speed.

amp plugin helps you to make your website mobile friendly and increase your website speed.

4) W3 Super Cache

This plugin helps you to clean your website cache. Because your website catch decreases your website speed and increases your website load time.

5) Image Optimizer

We normally use feature images in our articles to make our most beautiful.

but some image sizes may be large. it increases your website load image optimizer plugin compresses image size.

all the plugins above are very useful and every website owner needs to install these amazing plugins.

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