Best Tool for Blogger You Must Know

If you are a blogger then it is very important to optimize your article and find the best keyword for your article. Also, you have to find related keywords and tags for your articles. But it is not easy you have to invest your time and have to do some research then you will get your perfect keyword.

Best Tool for Blogger

so it isn’t easy. Many people do not have time to find the particular keyword but don’t worry there is a very good tool which helps you to find your keyword within sec and the best thing is it is is a completely free tool.

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1) Keyword Every Where

it is a free browser extension. you can simply add this tool in your browerser.this tool is works everywhere. if you find any keyword in google then it will suggest the related keyword with its traffic, competition, and CPC.

it is a very simple and useful extension for every blogger. I am personally using this tool for the last 2 years. there are some other tools for you.

2) Similarweb

it’s a website which show you traffic on any website. with traffic source and keyword. you can also use this tool to analyze your competition website traffic and keyword.

3) SEO Quake

Which is also a browser extension. If you add this in your browser.

If you search anything in Google then this extension will show you the DS, TS, Alexa rank, and you many useful things which help you to find more information on a competition website. It is very easy to add to your browser.

4) Grammarly

If you are a blogger then this extension is best for you. As a blogger, you have to write a new and unique article regularly in your blog. But during writing articles, it is easy to follow the grammar and spelling in your article. This tool automatically finds your mistake and tell you the right sentence. this is very easy and useful for you.

if you are a blogger then all the tools I have shared in these articles are very important. These tools will help you to save you lots of time and you can easily analyze your competition website.

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