Top 5 Best Truck Simulator Games 2020

Hello everyone, gaming is the only way who can give joy along with realistic experience.  And the truck simulator games are the most popular games around the world. That’s why in this article, we are going to provide the top 5 best truck simulator games.

So if you are looking for the best truck simulator games then you are in the perfect place. Before I start the list of the top 5 best truck simulator games I want to give you a surprise. With all the games I have selected I will provide the links to download from google play store. So without wasting any more time let’s get started.

 Top Best Truck Simulator Games 2020:

I will also describe all the games I have selected and these are the best truck simulator games trending on Google Play Store.

1. Euro Truck Evolution (Simulator)

Euro Truck Evolution is one of the best truck simulator games available on Google Play Store. This game comes with a lot of interesting features and you would like to know that this game playing all over the world.

Euro Truck Evolution can give you a realistic truck driving experience, in this game you can drive European trucks. And you can also customize get the option of customizations. The interesting fact is in this game you can travel to many countries from Europe like Berlin, Prague, Madrid Rome, and more. You can purchase trucks in this game by making money. So let’s talk about the features of this game.


  • This game features 12 European truck brands.
  • It has more than 20 realistic cities.
  • Here you can drive to the country roads, highways, and off roads.
  • This game is very easy to control.
  • This game also features realistic weather and day/night cycle.
  • If you make any trouble then you can see the visual damage on your truck.
  • You can customize your truck and many more.

2. Truck Simulator 2018: Europe

This is one of the highest installed truck simulator games on the play store. This game also comes with a lot of features. That’s why the user gave lots of positive reviews and this game 4.1 out 5 stars on the play store. So if you are looking for the best-stuck simulator game then you can go for it.

If you want to drive a real truck then you can start with this game because this game also gives you a realistic experience.  You will also get realistic missions in this game, you have to deliver things from one place to another place in this game. So I hope now you understand how interesting this game can be for you. So let’s talk about the features.


  • You will get 12 amazing trucks in this game
  • Here you can experience the realistic truck driving
  • It has more than 250 radio stations
  • Here you can drive across Europe
  • In this game, you can experience realistic traffic
  • Truck Customization also available in this game
  • Experience the realistic weather condition
  • The sound effect of this game is amazing
  • It comes with amazing graphics

3. World Truck Driving Simulator

Guys, World Truck Driving Simulator is one of the highest-rated games around the world. Most of the users are very satisfied with this game, and you can guess this by its ratings and users’ feedback. This game got  4.4 out of 5 stars on google play store and more than 3.7 lakhs users gave those ratings.

More than 10 million users installed this app on their devices and the reason why a lot of peoples installed this app is its amazing features. The tracks of this game are very impressive, you can experience the real-life driving by playing this awesome game.

There are many different trucks options, in this game you can customize your truck as you want. You will also get a lot of missions in this game. So this game is also can be the best option for you. Now we have to look at the features.


In his game, you can adjust the steering sensitivity and different control types

You can see the real smoke in the exhaust

This game features an automatic and manual gear system

You can adjust the driver position and more interesting features.

4. Truck Simulator: Europe 2

Guys, I have kept this game in this list just because of its amazing graphics, this game provides an awesome graphics. You will feel like you are driving a real truck. You can travel to many cities like Berline, Venice, Madrid, Milan, and more from Europe.

You can purchase many different trucks by earning money in this game. In this game, you have to deliver things to other cities by trucks. So would .ike say that this is also the best truck simulator game.

More than 10 million peoples download this game to their device and most of the users are satisfied by playing this game. If we talk about the ratings then I would like to say that this game got 4.2 out 5 stars on Google Play Store which are given more than 1.8 lakhs users. Now we will talk about the features of this game.


  • This game provides realistic truck physics
  • It has 7 different trucks to drive
  • It has 12 different trailers
  • You can experience the realistic engine sound
  • You can face realistic traffic in this game.
  • This game provides many different roads to drive
  • It has a day/night cycle
  • You will also experience damage and fuel consumption in this game
  • The control system of this game is very easy, and more.

5. Truck Simulator the USA

This game is the best game I have ever played. For me, this game is the best truck simulator game I have experienced. All the features of this game are very interesting. You can experience the driving of 18 wheelers in this game.

It has many amazing features so without talking anymore let’s talk about the features of this game.


  • In this game, you will get many American truck brands
  • You can experience different places driving like the desert, snow, mountain, city.
  • It has an improved control system
  • You can experience the real-life engine sound
  • There are so many trailers to transport and more interesting features.

So guys these are 5 best truck simulator games 2020. Thank you very much guys for visiting our website, see you again with another interesting article.

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