Best WordPress Plugins For Blogs 2021

To start a blog you need various kinds of tools like hosting, domain name, theme and many more. Among these is one of the most important tools that you need to optimise your blog is a WordPress plug-in. Here in this article, we will be going to discuss about Best WordPress plugins for blogs.

Today there are thousands of WordPress plug-ins available on the internet. But if we overload our website with unnecessary plug-ins then our website may go slow and this might result negatively on our SEO. Hence with a lot of research, we have brought you some of the best plug-ins that you need to use with your blogging website.

List of WordPress Plugins

Below I have given the list of the top most used WordPress plugins. By simply tapping on the popular section, you can get all these plug-ins mentioned below. These are the most useful and most used plug-in.

1. Contact Form 7 Plugin

On starting of a blog the first thing you need to make on your website is four compulsory pages. These are the privacy policy page, about us page, contact us page and Term and conditions page. To make a contact information page you need the contacts from seven which is the most used plug-ins on a word press site. This plug-in basically gives you a simple format to contact the owner of the website.

2. Classic Editor Plugin

This plug-in is used by all the bloggers that used old variants of WordPress. When WordPress got updated it became very hard for the old bloggers to write blogs on their WordPress site. This plug-in helps the bloggers to work on the new version of WordPress by providing them with the old classic interface. That’s why this plug-in is named as classic editor.

3. Yoast SEO plugin

This plug-in helps you to do proper SEO on your website which helps in improving the ranking of your website. SEO is the main factor of a website. Because if you don’t do proper SEO then your website will never rank on Google and you can never make earning from your blog. This plug-in not only helps you to optimise, but also it does a lot of functions such as site map submitting etc.

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