Different Types of Website Traffic

If you are a blogger and you want to earn money from your blog then you need to increase your website traffic.

Website traffic is very important because if you do not have traffic in your blog then you cannot earn money. So always you have to try to increase your website traffic. But before generating traffic you have to know which type of traffic is best for you and which is easy to generate.

In this article, we will discuss the different types of traffic and how you can generate traffic in detail. I hope you will like it.

4 Different Types of Website Traffic

There is too many different types of website traffic but in this article, we will discuss the four major type of traffic like social media traffic, organic traffic, direct traffic, referral traffic

1) Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is a 100% free website traffic and it is the best traffic for Blog. But if you want to get organic traffic in your blog then you have to rank your website articles in search engines.

The main problem in organic traffic is it is very difficult to rank your website in search engines. so, Everyone cannot able to generate organic traffic.

2) Social Media Traffic

It is also free traffic but some People promoting their website in social media by paid ads. But you can also generate social traffic for free.

Many people sharing their website articles links in different social media platforms and Groups to generate social media traffic. This is also a very good way to generate and many people are already doing this.

3) Direct Traffic

if someone visited the website by putting your website URL. This type of traffic is called direct traffic. If your website is too much popular like or Google then people start visiting your website directly.

So for direct website traffic, you have to make your website popular. This is not easy to generate this type of traffic.

4) Referral Traffic

if any other putting your website URL in their articles and someone visited website by clicking this given link. then you will get referral website traffic.

so this is also not easy to generate. But make sure if your website is popular then people automatically putting your website links in there articles and you will start getting referral traffic. so it is an automatic system.

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