How in Increase Website Speed

If you have a website and you want to write your articles at the top of the Google search. Because if you do not have a good ranking in Google or any other search engine then you cannot generate a good amount of traffic in your website.

As you know if you want to increase your website earning then you have to increase your website traffic and the best way to get free website traffic is to rank your website. But the main problem is website ranking is not so easy. You have to follow all the SEO factors and you have to write good articles.

Website speed is the most important factor which helps you to increase your website ranking fast. So this article will discuss how you can increase your website speed and improve your ranking.

The best method to increase website speed

There is lots of methods to increase your website speed. But here we will discuss some basic steps you can do in your blog.

1) AMP

The accelerated mobile page is a simple and easy method to increase your website speed instantly. This plugin help you to increase the website speed also it will optimize your website.

After installing this plugin in your will automatically optimize your website.

2) Use Simple theme

normally the paid website theme is the main reason of decreasing our website speed. because it consists of too many large size files.

so, I always recommend you use a free WordPress theme or you can also use them by default theme of WordPress.

3) Remove unimportant plugins and update everything

If you have lots of plugin in your website then this plugin may decrease your website speed. so, always delete all unimportant plugins.

if you have any plugin and theme update then always updating your site.

4) use Image optimizer

it is very important to use images and videos in our article to rank in google. but some time the size of the files are very high.

so it increases our website load time. you can use an image optimization plugin. which automatically compresses your website images.

all the methods i have shared is very important and useful to increase your website speed. hope you like it.

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