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After the independence of India on 15 August 2020, the whole country celebrates independence day on 15th August every year. India is one of those countries where so many religions live in, but also when independence comes every year every religious person comes together to celebrate the independence of India.(Independence Day Speech in English)

The 15th of August is declared as a holiday in India and every office, organizations, institutes, schools, colleges, universities, and more celebrates independence day with the staff and students on the 15th August every year.

Independence Day Speech in English:

But there are so many students who want to give a speech on Independence Day but can not give because they don’t how to prepare an Independence Day speech. So if you also want to give a speech but you are facing the problem of preparing.

Then don’t worry today I am going to share with you a speech on Independence Day. You can get some ideas to prepare a speech for you or you can also use that speech in your independence day function. So now I am going to share with you the speech.


Good morning everyone, I am feeling glad that I got a chance to say something about this legendary day. I feel very happy and energetic on the morning of 15th August every year. Because 73 years back on the same date our country got independence from the British raj.

The Britishians ruled us for 200 years in our motherland India. You may know that India is also known as the golden bird because India was one of those countries that had a lot of wealth. And that was one of the biggest reasons why the British had ruled us.

They Britishians took away a lot of wealth from our India and also they treated us like animals. They used to make us for their work without giving anything. Even they treated very badly with our children and women.

But on 15th 1947 our India got freedom from the British, but taking freedom from the British was not so easy there is a big history behind the freedom of our India. But now we will not talk about the history of freedom because we have no time.

But there is one thing I would like to highlight on this glorious day that there are so many freedom fighters who have sacrificed theirs for the freedom of our motherland.  Those brave freedom fighters fought with the Britishians for many years for our rights.

Even there were so many freedom fighters who have game their lives at a young age without thinking one time. For those freedom fighters today we are living a free life. So on this beautiful day, I would like to show some gratitude to those brave freedom fighters. And I think we all are thankful for their sacrifices.

On 15th August we all celebrate Independence Day but we don’t know actually why we celebrate independence day. I think we celebrate Independence day to remember those heroes who have given their lives to save India and Indian peoples.

Now I also want to say something for those heroes who stands on the borders for the whole day to keep us safe. For those brave heroes, we are celebrating this Independence Day peacefully, you can sleep at night without any fear. So today we should thank those who are protecting us by keeping their lives at risk.

So that was my speech on this beautiful day. And I am wishing you all a very happy independence day. Thank you very much, guys.

How to Prepare a Speech?

So guys, I hope the speech I have shared above was helpful for you. But if you don’t want copy the full speech I have shared above because you want to make personal speech then I will share with you tips to prepare your personal speech.

If you follow this simple tips properly then these tips will be very helpful for you. So you have to foolow this steps properly. So now I am going to share with you the tips.

Tips to Prepatre Speech:

Tips no 1.

First give your introduction and welcome peoples by depending on your topic. Like I have shared my speech. For example, if you give speech on Teachers Day then you will start like hello everyone my name is Rahul I wish you all Happy Teachers Day.

Tips No 2.

In the second tip give a short introduction of your topic. For example if you want to give a speech on Independence Day then you will give introduction like we all celebrate Independence Day on 15th August because we got indepence from the British on 15th August 1947.

Tips No 3.

Now you have to share the cause of your topic. For example, if you are preparing a speech on Independence Day then you will say the British had ruled for 200 years and more.

Tips No 4.

To make your speech long you also share solution of your topic. For example, India got independence for the brave fredom fighters of our India, they gave thair lives for freedom of India with thinking once. They were so brave and strong and they fought for many years for our freedom.

Tips No 5.

You can also create some lines from your mind and the end of your speech you can share the conclusion or thanks like that was my speech on this glorious day thank you so much guys for giving me the chance to some lines on Independence Day,

So I hope this article was informative for you. Thank you very much guys for visiting our website. See you soon with an another interesting and informative article.

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