Earning Proof and Full Review 2020 is a popular Adsense alternative ad network for websites. here is the full review and Earning proof of

Lots of want to know about like how to get approval in how much we can earn from this network and how much pay for 1000 visitors?

If you are looking for these question then you come to the right place. in this article, we are going to show you the Earning Proof. also, I will share some important information that you need to know about before using

What is is a contextual Ads network of popular search Yahoo and Bing. you can monetize your website their high ads and start earning money. is known as the best Adsense Alternative Adnetwork.

They also provide different types of ad units like Banner Ads, Native Ads, Contextual Ads, Video Ads. Earning Proof

When you earn the minimum withdrawal amount¬† $100 then sends your payment via Payoneer account. if you want to then it’s important to have a Payoneer account.

Here is my Earning proof of February month 2020. you can see the screenshot given below. Earning Proof

This is my first payment from now still I am using this ad network on my website and making money. if you want to how much pay per click then make sure to read the full article.

How Much You Can Earn from Media?

Lots of people want to know about so here I have shared a screenshot of my personal account. here you can see how much pays for 1000 impressions? and let me tell you doesn’t pay for ad clicks. because this is an RPM ad network. pays you per 1000 impressions on your website. the RPM depends on your website traffic quality and traffic countries. if you have traffic from Europen countries or North American countries then you will get very good RPM from $10 to $25.

But most of my website visitors from Asian countries. so my RPM is not high now I am getting an average of $0.56 RPM. here you can see my last 7 Days earning report.

how much pays for 1000 impressions

How to Get Approval?

If you want to get approval for your website then make sure to remember these factors. your website must have to traffic from tier1 countries. yes, you need to have good traffic from countries like the USA, UK, Germany, Canada then they will approve your website easily.

But if your website has good traffic from Asian country then I recommend you to go for Google Adsense. another thing only approves English content website and you need to have high-quality content.

So. it’s not easy to get approval for but still, you can try this ad network. because some time they approve the Indian website also. if your website have high-quality content and traffic.

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