ShareChat Video App Guide – Made in India

What is ShareChat?

ShareChat is a popular Indian social media app like Facebook or Instagram. But ShareChat is not a website it is a mobile application available for both android and IOS and this is a combination of popular social media like Facebook, Tiktok, Instagram, etc.

On this application you can create a short video like Tiktok, you can share your photos, videos, statuses like Facebook and Instagram. this application is had lots of popularity in India and total  100  Million + app users. ShareChat is one of the leading social media apps in India.

This application is own by Sharechat team and their parent company is Mohalla Tech Private Limited. this company also has some more applications related to ShareChat-like  Moj.

How to Join ShareChat?

If you want to join ShareChat app and start earning then make sure to read the important steps given below because their is lots of fake apps with the same name as ShareChat App and they are doing scam.

You will see there is Join now button in every page from where you can download this application.

Step 1: Click on the Join Now Button below.

Step 2: Visit the website, and after scrolling click on Join Now Button again.

Step 3: Download the app, install it and Register it by giving your mobile number, name, location.

Step 4: Now you have done everything and use this app.

If you want to know more about ShareChat App then don’t forget to read the other informative Blogs.

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How to use ShareChat App?

It is very simple to use the Share Chat application. first of all, you need to download this app from the link given below. After installing this app you need to put some basic information like your name, gender, email, etc, and fish your registration.

Now you are ready to use application. Here you find lots of funny videos, short videos, images, news and much more. also, you can share any you like photos or videos on this application.  Even you also create short videos like TikTok. So this is an all in one application.

If you like to chat with new people then here you send a direct message to anyone and start making new friends from all over India. millions of Indian users join Share Chat to make new friends. you can also chat with groups. where you will chat with random users including girls and boys.

You can also create the short videos your self or share photos, post, and many more. users can follow you for more updates. this is a very good all in one Indian application with lots of cool I recommend you to install this app and enjoy.

ShareChat FAQ

1) Is it Safe to Join Share Chat ?

:- Yes, Share Chat app is completely safe.

2) How to use Share Chat app?

:- this is a very simple short video watching app. if you want to learn more then make sure read our other blogs.

3) How to make video on Share Chat ?

:- we have shared a step by step guide to making video and post on this app.

4) How to Download Share Chat App?

:- Please read the ” How to Join Share Chat ” Section and you will get the direct download link of this app.