Which is Best ? Organic traffic Vs Social traffic

Hey, guys welcome to this brand new article. As you know website traffic is the key to your online earning and we already discuss how you can generate traffic in your website? Also, we have shared some amazing tricks to increase your website visitor.

We have discussed the four different types of website traffic. Social media traffic, organic traffic, referral traffic, and direct traffic. So this article we discuss the advantage and disadvantage of social media traffic and organic traffic.

Organic traffic pro and cons

Organic traffic means if you write your article in your website in any particular keyword and you rank your website in the top of search engine result on the particular keyword and someone searches the keyword in search engine and visits your website by clicking the result. This type of traffic please called organic traffic.

This is a very good type of traffic for your website and if you have organic traffic in the website it increases your website authority and automatically increases your ranking and website traffic. So you can earn more.


1) the best thing about organic traffic is it is a hundred percent free traffic. You do not have to invest anything to generate organic and it will increase automatically day by day.

2) if you have high organic traffic in your website then you will get very good CPC in your Google AdSense account or if you use an affiliate network then and you will get very targeted audience.

3) organic traffic is very for our blog because if you have organic traffic then it will help you to increase your website authority and improve your ranking.


1) it is very difficult to rank in search engine so so this is the main problem with organic traffic. Day by day Google updating their ranking factor so so it is very difficult to rank.

2) if you have ranked your website in Google in a particular keyword and if Google serving ads in the particular keyword then your website ranking will go down so that you will get less traffic. This is the big drawback of organic traffic.

3) if you rank your website in search engine result and your website is not live for some time this issue may result in lost your website ranking.

Social traffic Pro and cons


1) social media traffic is the most popular traffic and lots of people use social media to generate targeted traffic.

2) lots of new users join the social networks. This means the volume of social traffic is increasing day by day.

3) social traffic generation is easier as compared to organic traffic. Because there is not a high competition like organic traffic.


1) if you want to get social media traffic then you have to increase your audience in your social handles. So you have to be active in your social media account.

2) sometime if you share a particular link multiple Times then social media website maybe block your link.

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