WordPress Vs Blogger (Which is best for bloggers)

Many people have many confusions of how to start a new blog. People often make many mistakes while starting their blogging career. But don’t worry with my experience of more than five years of blogging. I will clear all your doubts so that you don’t need to worry. Here in this article, I will discuss WordPress vs blogger.

Both WordPress and blogger are the most popular blogging platforms that are available online. So people don’t understand which platform they need to start from. Don’t worry you’ll be clear of which network is best for you after reading this full article.

What is WordPress

WordPress is a free open software where you can easily create your website or blog any time you want. It is a totally free software or we can see a platform which we can use by simply downloading it.

But to use a WordPress, you need to buy a hosting plan, where you post your WordPress website. Along with the hosting plan you also need to buy a domain name too. But you can create a very wonderful site with the help of WordPress.

What is Blogger

If you are a beginner then you might not have enough money to purchase a domain or hosting plan. That’s why you can opt for blogger. A blogger is a product of Google itself.

On blogger, you get a domain along with Hosting too. If you want a simple website and don’t need any plug-ins to your website or simply if you have a blogging website then you can choose blogger. On blogger also you can use custom domains just like WordPress.

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