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Yllix.com is an ad network that provides display and pop ads and this company getting lots of popularity due to the high CPM. Yllix is one of the best ad network for downloading website.

As you know pop up ads are very irritating and our website visitors getting lots of problems downloading their files. so the best way to monetize our website is Display ads. but the main problem is most of the display ad networks like Adsense or Media.net don’t allow download websites.

So, in this case, Yllix is an all in one ad network which provides us both Display and pop up ads. you use different sizes of the display to monetize your website.

Yllix Earning Proof 2020 ( Yllix Review )

I am personally using this ad network on my website from the last 3 months getting very results. I have very good traffic on my downloading website and using Yllix display ads on my website for monetization. Yllix provides us high eCPM but make sure to know that they pay you per conversion.

So. if user click on the ads and download the file then you will get money. if your website visitor is active then you will make good money. here is my earning proof on yllix given below.

Yllix Earning Proof

Yllix Payment Proof 2020

If you want to see Yllix Payment Proof then here is payment proof of my old account. this is a real website paying very high eCPM and display ads. if you have a download website then make sure to join this ad network this is a really cool and best network for download sites.

Yllix Minimum Payment Withdraw limit is very low. when you earn a minimum of $1 you can withdraw in Paypal. payment duration is daily. so you don’t need to wait for a long time.

Yllix Payment Proof

How to Join Yllix.com? ( Yllix Review )

It’s very easy to join Yllix.com they don’t need any requirement. so if your website have very low traffic still you can join Yllix and start monetizing. They provide different types of ad units like Display banner ads, pop ads, direct link, redirect link, etc.

Just click on the Join Now button given below and start earning money.

Join Yllix: Click Here

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