Zupee Gold Guide App Privacy Policy

Your Privacy

We respect your privacy and data. So it’s our duty to take you all data safe and secure. If you use our Zupee Gold Guide app then you don’t need to share your private data with us. Because this a simple tutorial application. You can use this app simply by installing it on your phone.

On our app, you don’t need to register or put any data. Use our app without any data share and this is the best part of our app.

So, don’t panic about our app. You can use it and increase your knowledge.

Our App Policy

This is a tutorial and learning application where user will learn how to use the Zupee Gold App? and other important things. So, it’s our duty to update our app regularly with the latest information.

So, we need your feedback about our app and if you face any problem with our application then make sure to contact us via our official website speedynews.xyz.

We always try to solve your problem as soon as possible and regularly update our apps with the latest information.

Our Contact

If you want to know any other additional information about our app or if you any problem or complaint with our application then please visit our official website speedynews.xyz and contact us or you can also send us a direct message on our contact page http://speedynews.xyz/contact-us or directly mail us on [email protected]