Review of Add Mind Services Scam or Legit

Do you looking for Adx ads or Google Ads on your website and want to know about Add Mind Services website then read the full article.

We have shared a detailed analysis of the website with proper proof.  personally, I have used this website to verify their service and this website is real or fake.

Review of Add Mind Services is a Pakistani website that provides website monetization with Google ads. so lots of people come to this website for monetizing their sites. they also send emails to different website owners to join Add Mind Services.

They claim to pay the highest CPM on your website traffic and people join their website but before joining Add Mind Services make sure to know that Add Mind Services is a Fake website they never pay you.

first, they told you the payment term of Add Mind Services is NET60 day and you need to wait at least 2 months for your 1st payment. but after completing 2 months they start showing different types of payment issues and stop replying to your message.

So, I personally suggest you that never join the Add Mind Services website or any other website like, because all are scamming websites from Pakistan. you want to know more about Add Mind Services review see the proof given below.

Add Mind Services Fake and Scam Proof

If you want to see the proof of Add Mind Services that they are a fake and scamming website then here is my earning report on I used their ads on my website for 2 months and earning near about $2390 and still pending they never pay me this money.

add mind services review

I try a lot to get this money and chatting with them on Skype but add mind services response is very bad and not showing any support. they just changing the payment date and never paying money. add mind services is 200% Pakistani fake website.

You can also see the message on the skype screenshot given below.

Add Mind Services


Always work with trusted and big ad networks. Add Mind Services is a fake website don’t join this network. if you still have questions regarding this topic then you can mail me here: [email protected]

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