Opportunities After 12th in PCM Courses

For all students in high school, the 12th grade represents a significant milestone. After finishing the last stage of school, the majority of students have a clear idea of the course they want to follow. Students with PCM subjects are said to have the most career options out of all the candidates.

After 12th PCM, a student can choose from a variety of courses; these are a few of the most popular:

Bachelor of Architecture 

After 12th PCM, bachelor of architecture is one of the most searched degrees. It opens new opportunities for learning the skill of planning, creating, and constructing physical structures. The typical undergraduate programme lasts five years. Humanities, Environmental Studies, Mathematics, Engineering, and Aesthetics are all represented in the course. You will be able to earn attractive work in prominent global organisations after completing a B. Arch programme.

Aeronautical Engineering (Btech)

If you are a PCM student interested in pursuing engineering careers, Btech in Aeronautical Engineering is likely to be your best option. A minimum of 10+2 is required for the four-year undergraduate programme. The course’s major goal is to bring students up to date on rocket science, flying craft mechanisms, and shuttle planning, development, and design. A career in Aeronautical Engineering is undoubtedly profitable. With a B.Tech in Aeronautical Engineering, you can work with NASA, ISRO, and other space administration organisations.

Merchant Navy

The merchant navy is the backbone of international trade, transporting goods throughout the world. To transport and deliver commodities from one country to another, merchant ships employ a large number of people. In this profession, there are several work prospects. The Merchant Navy provides a variety of professions and duties, ranging from chief engineering officer to radio officer, in order to hire deserving candidates. It’s a well-respected career that also pays well.

Pilot (Commercial/Fighter)

Airline pilots transport goods and passengers on a planned journey for an airline. It is one of the top job options available after completing the 12th PCM. To be a pilot in India, candidates must have completed a certification course. Pilots come in a variety of types, including air force, airline, commercial, and private. Students can select any of these kinds based on their interests and exam qualification. According to their training, they are given a licence. This occupation allows you to travel the world while still providing a good salary. The cost of becoming a pilot may be high at first, but it is well worth it in the end.

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc)

After earning a Bachelor of Science, you will have a variety of choices. Students might pursue a major in a topic that interests them. An undergraduate course will enable students to have a deeper understanding of their chosen topic while also opening up a variety of professional opportunities. In the long run, students can pursue an M.Sc and apply for the NET/JRF test in order to become a professor or scientist.

National Defence Services 

If students have a strong desire to serve, they should be in the front of efforts to safeguard the country. Career options in the national military services are well-respected. The Indian Army, Indian Navy, and Indian Air Force are the three national defence forces in which a candidate can serve.

Government jobs after 12th PCM

Students from many fields prepare for the Indian government’s job examination. In order to work for the government, students must pass a written test and, in some situations, a physical and medical assessment. While the courses require students to be undergraduates or postgraduates, there are still many options available after 12th grade. Following are the government positions available after the 12th PCM:

National Defense Academy (NDA)

SSC Combined Higher Secondary Level

SSC Multi-Tasking Staff

SSC Stenographer (Grade C and Grade D)

Railway Recruitment Board

IBPS Clerk


Railway Apprentice Exam

Apprentices work in the Civil, Mechanical, and S&T Engineering Departments’ workshops, Production Units, Diesel and Electric Loco Sheds, Electrification Projects Carriage and Wagon Depot, and Electrification Projects Carriage and Wagon Depot. It provides stable employment prospects with a good salary. The Railway Apprentice test is administered by the Railway Recruitment Board. In order to get chosen for this exam, students must prepare thoroughly. For its preparation, there are several coaching centres.

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