Steps to Rank Website in Google

Hey guys as a blogger I know everyone wants to rank their website article on top of the search engine. It is a very common question of every blogger.

When I am starting my blogging journey I have already face To menu problem to rank my website. I have to write a unique article and already I have optimized my article and also my website is SEO friendly even I fail to rank my website.

So I know no what you are feeling after doing so much hard work. But don’t worry here I will share my ranking formula which will work 100%. I am using this method to drag my website in Google and this is a very simple and step by step formula you just have to follow my formula and result but this is a whitehead formula. So it takes some time to give you a good result and also it depends on your implementation.

My Step by Step Ranking Formula

We start this formula from scratch or the beginning of your website. Let’s take I am going to start an educational website.


In the first step, we have to find a keyword for our website. It is one of the most important steps to rank website because our keyword is everything if you take a wrong keyword with very high difficulty then you cannot rank your website and your all hard work will be gone.

So before taking any e keyword, we have to spend some time researching a perfect keyword based on your topic and we have to analyze the difficulty and competition of the keyword. We always try to find low competition and long-tail keyword with good traffic.

step 2:

after finding some good keywords now we have to start writing unique and quality articles. As you know content is King so always you have to try Tu to write it unique article and you have to do the important s u of the article.

Step 3:

after writing an article optimize your article SEO friendly and use images and do some internal and external linking and then publish after doing the important steps. Now you have to write an article on your website regularly or 2 – 3 articles in a week.

Step 4:

write an article in your website for or 3 to 5 months and make sure you do not make any E backlink for your website because your website is brand new so you don’t have to create any backlink you have to try write article in your website without creating any backlinks for 3 to 5 month.

Step 5:

and in this interval do not stop writing. keep updating on the website regularly and after 5 months check your website ranking in search engine. I am sure if you are following my steps then you will be rank in search engine but the ranking maybe on 5 to 10 no page. But don’t worry it’s time to take the next step.

Step 6:

now you can create backlinks for your website. But make sure don’t create any free backlink because is maybe decrease your website ranking so you have to create quality backlinks like pbn backlinks forum backlinks or guest posting.

This will give you very high-quality backlinks and this will increase your website authority. So after making this type of backlink again, you have to give some time to your blog and in this period do not stop updating the website regularly.

Step 7:

after 3 months now check your website backlinks is an index or not how many backlinks you will get and how much authority your website has.

Also, you have to track your website ranking in the search engine you may find some improvement in your website ranking. So now you just have to do these steps continuously again and again and you will get a very good result.

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