Supplementary Career Options After 12th Science

One of the most significant advantages that Science students have over Arts and Commerce students is that they are qualified for practically all Science and non-Science career options. As a result, after completing 10+2 in science, course selection at the college level becomes a critical step in determining one’s career path. 

Merchant Navy

If you want to pick career options after 12th science that allow you to travel to new locations while also earning a lot of money, merchant navy is one of the greatest options. The merchant navy helps in the transportation of products between countries. It is one of the most profitable employment opportunities for students in the science field. There are three ways to enter the merchant navy, each with its own set of requirements. There are a variety of merchant navy courses available, including:

B.Sc. Nautical Science

B.E. Marine Engineering

B.E. Naval Architecture and Offshore Engineering

Petroleum Engineering (B.E.)

Mechanical Engineering (B.E.)

Civil Engineering (B.E.)

B.E. Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Electro-Technical Officer Course

B.E. Ocean Engineering


 It is one of the finest job options after 12th grade science, and students will need both technical and creative abilities to pursue it. It’s an excellent career choice for 12th-grade scientific PCM students who enjoy tackling a wide range of issues and applying creative and systematic problem-solving to arrive at a creative and practical solution. Architecture, landscape architecture, and urban planning are all options for B.arch students. The following are some of the architectural specialisations available:




Architecture of the Interior

Urban Design

Designing Green Buildings

Industrial Architecture

Infrastructure development has become more important than ever before in India as a result of the country’s growing urbanisation in recent decades. Because of the increasing expansion of the infrastructure business, such employment opportunities in the science stream have grown and a big number of highly skilled architects are required to keep up. These job options after 12th science also have a bright future because to the rapid rise of current technology and its incorporation into the trade.

Defence Officer

After completing the 12th grade, you have a variety of employment alternatives. Science is a noble profession that prioritises service over self-interest. The Indian Army, Indian Air Force, Indian Navy, and Indian Coast Guard are examples of some of the top job prospects after 12th science in our country. If you want to experience difficulties, thrills, and adventure rides in the future, there is no better place to go. Furthermore, such employment opportunities in the Science stream get more interesting as one’s enthusiasm for the country grows.

Defense services are divided into several categories:

Indian Army

Indian Air Force (IAF)

Coast Guard of India

Other services such as the CRPF, NSG, and others are available following these job options after 12th science.  After 12th science, we have the ministry of defence and many more job possibilities that seek to ensure that these systems operate together in a coordinated manner.

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