Top 3 Blog Niche to Start in 2020

In 2020 blogging is become very competitive. It is very difficult to rank any keyword in Google because every day lots of new blogs are created and the doing SEO Optimisation in their article to rank fast so that the ranking competition in every keyword is become very difficult as compared to one or two years ago.

Due to the very high popularity of blogging competition is increased in every category or niches. If you start at a Tech blog or a fashion blog or anything you have to work hard and wait a long time to get a good result.

So if you want to earn from blogging and if you want to rank your website in the top of the search engine then you have to find a low competition niche. Because it is a very important thing before starting blogging. If you select a wrong website niche then your all hard work will be gone.

Importance of Blog Niche

Before starting any blog take some time and find a profitable category with low competition. If you have a low competition category then you do not have to work hard.

If you do some basic SEO Optimisation and write a unique and quality article on your low competition keywords then you can easily rank in the top of search engine result.

But don’t worry in this article we will share some very low competition niche to start blogging in 2019. All the Niche I will discuss in the article is very good to start.

Top Low Competition Blog Niche

If if I talk about low competition blog Niche. Then there are too many niches to start your blog. you just have to give some time to research and find a good category.

1) Life style

Lifestyle is a very good and easy topic to start the blog because have you have to write about people’s lifestyles. How we can solve our personal problems? how to improve our confidence? etc.

so, a very simple way to start a blog you just have to write the solution to normal problems in our daily life and how we can increase our happiness?

Because people are searching this type of problem in Google and other search engines and the competition in this topic are very low so you have to take the advantage of this opportunity to rank in this topic and start generating traffic.

2) Beauty Website

This category is perfect for women because girls know more about beauty than men. In this type of blog, you have to write about fashion and you can also review the beauty products and fashion products like best lipstick for women, best bags, clothing, makeup, etc.

The best thing in this nice is hey you can monetize your website in two ways. you can use affiliate marketing to earn more from your visitor and you also use Google Adsense and affiliate links.

3) business website

Everyone wants to be there own boss. so people searching for business ideas in Google and other search engines. So so you can start a website where you will share your business idea with lots of people for free.

The best thing in this category. There is very low competition you can rank your website in any keyword easily and start general traffic. the cpc in business website is very high so it is very good idea to use Google AdSense in your blog.

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