Wannads Review – Best Offer Wall Ad Network 2020

Wannads is a popular offer wall ad network for mobile apps and websites. this ad network is popular for its incentive CPA offers.

Lots of incentive websites, PTC sites, earning applications use Wannads CPA offers to monetize traffic. where uses need to complete some simple tasks. Wannads provide different types of ads like offer wall, CPA, CPI, Survey to maximize your earning.

If you want to use Wannads on your website or apps then make sure to read the full article because here I have shared lots of important information you need to know before using this ad network.

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How to Join Wannads?

Wannads don’t have any strict requirements,. so you can easily join this website start adding your all website and apps. if you want to add their offer wall on your android application then you need to integrate¬† Wannads SDK on source code.

They also provide us API key to connect our website. when your user completes an offer you can see the earning report on the Wannads dashboard instantly.

How Much You Earn from Wannads?

Wannads is a CPA ad network they pay you on the basis of your user’s action. so if your website visitor completes any survey, install any app you will get paid. your earning is depends on your website traffic.

Lots of popular earning websites and apps use Wannads on their offer wall section. Wannads pay very high conversion rates from $0.05 to $2. it totally depends on the offer completed by your users. if you have good traffic on your website then easily you can make $1000 per month from this network or even more.

You can also earn more money by referring Wannads with your friends. you will get 2% referral commission of your friend’s total earning. here I have shared a screenshot of my earning report on Wannads.

wannads review

How to Get Paid from Wannads?

Wannads pay you on the basis of Net30 which means you will get your payment after 30 days of earning month. for example, if you earn $200 in February month then you will receive the payment on the 30th of March.

the minimum payment withdrawal limit is $150 on Wannads. Here you will get 3 types of payment method Paypal, Wire Transfer, Payoneer


Personally i am using Wannads CPA ad network on my website and getting a good result. so if you have a learning website or mobile application then and looking a best offer wall Ad Network then Wannads may be good option for you. I hope you will love it.

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